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when i will be 25

January 18, 2012

its difficult think about the future or predict it, but if we think what will happen in  ten years we can imagine more changes in the world and in your life , you can create and imagine  many ideas about the future, but can you really predict the future?  is the question that you do when you quiet thinking about your success or your plans.
however I think that in ten years I will be a lawyer the best lawyer in my country, I hope finished the high school and immediately continuo with the college for no lose the time, because the life is only one and you have live it in the best way.
on the oder hand when I think in the future and what will happen with my family, friends,house, my country and the world. I think that my sister for example she will be finish the college as… I don’t know she is so young yet for choose a carrier  but I think that she will be a person with success in the life. now if I think what will do my friends its sad and its woe is me because at the moment of ours life we will separate because everyone will go to the college we will choose different carriers have new friend however I hope that the different ways that we will choose will meet at the moment in our lives.
ok! about my country and the planet I hope that my country will be better than now  I hope we will have more technology but less pollution because if we continue in this way  not only my country , all the world will be more effect for the global warming that it’s a terrible thought but its true .
for finish it, I only can say that you  have care the world anda environmental, because if you have plans for the future  if you plans will be a doctor lawyer, travel around the world, have family you need protect you world that is your home and you have live your life every day and give thanks for all because if you take this way and if you are sure about do you  want for the  future you have success.


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